Welcome to the
That Man Is You  community at
Holy Trinity Catholic Church in San Antonio!

Men, Please join us on most every Saturday, 6:15am to 8am

We meet in the Tyler Peltier Gathering Area, upstairs in Holy Trinity’s Faith Formation Building. Or online via ZOOM during CoViD Quarantining

Some of your Brothers  from Holy Trinity gather for an online conference call to do a Rosary and ask for the Blessings and Guidance of St Joseph on the  First Wednesday* of each month.  
( *First Wednesday is defined as the first Wednesday after the first Friday of the month.  More often than not, it ends up being the 2nd actual Wednesday.)   


Usually around 7:30 PM.  If you are Registered in the Holy Trinity  TMIY community. Watch for an email from the Core team



Upcoming Dates


Apr 8, 2020                      May 6, 2020                Jun 10, 2020

Jul 8, 2020                       Aug 12, 2020               Sep 9, 2020

Oct 7, 2020                      Nov 11, 2020               Dec 9, 2020

Jan 6, 2021                     Feb 10, 2021               Mar 10, 2021

Apr 7, 2021                      May 12, 2021              Jun 9, 2021

Jul 7, 2021                       Aug 11, 2021               Sep 8, 2021

Oct 6, 2021                      Nov 10, 2021               Dec 8, 2021




Prayer to St. Joseph

St. Joseph, mystery hidden from the wise and learned, but revealed to little ones. Take me to Nazareth and train me in your ways. Reveal to me the hidden face of Christ present in my children. Unveil for me the love of the Holy Spirit in my spouse. Teach me to manifest for them the Father who is rich in mercy. Help me to remove all evil from my heart and home, so that we might find union with God, who is dwelling within, and experience his love, peace and joy. Amen.

The Apostle of the New Springtime Prayer

Heavenly Mother, Spotless Bride of the Spotless Lamb, Your children stand gathered together before you. With St. Joseph and the Apostle John we wish to bring you into our home, so that you may open to us the treasures of your Immaculate Heart. Reveal to us the hidden face of your Son, present in our midst. Teach us to trust in the abundance of the Father’s mercy. Make us docile to the voice of the Spirit echoing in our depths. Grant that the seeds of grace sown in us would not be lost, but blossom forth into life everlasting. Dawn of Salvation, Star of the New Evangelization, Grant that the darkness may not prevail over the light. Together with Saint John Paul II, we consecrate ourselves to you in the mystery of your Immaculate Conception, Totus Tuus. Send us into the great mission field of the family, so that among all the nations, the praise of God may resound on the lips of infants and of babes. By the grace of God, in the Power of the Holy Spirit, help us to build a civilization worthy of the human person, created male and female, created to the image and likeness of the Triune God who is love. Amen.