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We meet in the Tyler Peltier Gathering Area, upstairs in Holy Trinity’s Faith Formation Building,


 Thy Kingdom Come

FALL 2021


Session 1: Thy Kingdom Come

· The Capuchin Crypt!  Aka - The Bone Church

· Memento Mori - Eternal Perspective

· The mindset of the Saint and the mindset of the Average Man

· Fear of Death vs Fear of Sin

· Four Characteristics of Kingdom Living

· Anxiety and the Kingdom of God

· The Father’s Good Pleasure to Give You The Kingdom


Session 2: The Kingdom is Like Leaven

· Fr. Leo Delivers Delicious Food for the Body and the Soul

· Brioche Monte Cristo with a Flambéed Berry Compote and Whipped Cream

· Bring Some Levity Into Your Marriage, Family and Friendships 

· Provide a Life-Giving Experience to Your Dinner Table

· Heaven is Called to Be a Celebration

· Lessons in Discernment: When to Bring the Heat and When to Be Gentle

· The Balance Between Levity and Discipline


Session 3: Christ the King!

· Behold, the Kingdom of God is in Your Midst

· Our World is Changing

· A Post-Christian World at odds with the Kingdom of God 

· Signs of a Post-Christian World

· How to Live in a Post-Christian World

· Christ is the King


Session 4: The Overthrow of Satan

· The Kingdom of God is at Hand

· Not Talking about a Movement, an Army, a Government

· The Three Forces at Work in the Kingdom of the World

· The Power of Satan is NOT Infinite

· Satan Cannot Prevent the Building Up of God's Reign

· Greater is He Who is in Me than he Who is in The World

· Claim the Power and Inheritance as an Heir to Christ


Session 5: How to Overthrow an Empire

· Christ Radically Up-Ended the Way we Conceive Power,
Dominion & Authority

· The Kingship of Christ is Universal, Moral, and Spiritual

· The Kingdom can Indeed Grow to Cover the Face of the Earth

· How Does the Kingdom Grow? 

· Who Enters the Kingdom?

· Who Opposes the Kingdom? 

· The Christian Way is the Way of Self-Giving Love


Session 6: Word - Witness - Walk

· Sanctity Preaches Louder than Words

· The Word was Made Flesh so that You can Follow Him 

· Before You Preach or Teach, Get Your Own House in Order

· Christ’s Virtues Need to Become Our Virtues

· Kingdom Priorities Always Supersede the Passing Princes of This World 

· The Ability to Evangelically Listen

· Be Active in Your Evangelization


Session 7: The Men We Need to Build the Kingdom

· A Broken Marriage Restored

· A Medical Miracle Through the Intercession of Two Priests

· The Eight Characteristics of Holy Priests & Men

· Suffering Saints

· Embracing Small Daily Martyrdoms

· Worldly Comforts, Tepidity, and a Reluctance to Engage the Culture

Session 8: The Kingdom of Comfort

· The Type of Men We Need to Build the Kingdom

· The Hidden and Holy Life of Fr. Aloysius Schwartz 

· Confronting the Kingdom of Comfort

· A Radical Embrace of the Gospel Message to Follow Christ

· Sacrifice, Prayer, and Untiring Service

· A Superabundant Fruitfulness 


Session 9: Acquiring a Taste for Heaven

· Heaven is Not Like This World. 

· Seeking Our Own Preferences Vs Seeking The Will of God. 

· Acquiring A Taste for Heaven

· Can Someone Who Hates God End Up in Heaven?

· Loving Earthly Things the Wrong Way - Out of Order

· Getting to Heaven is NOT the point of the Christian life

· Enjoying Heaven is The Point


Session 10: Blinded by The Kingdom

· Heaven Changes Who We Become

· The Most Famous Conversion in The History of The Church

· St. Paul’s Redeemed Memory of Who and What he Once Was

· Transforming The Way he Sees and the Way he Thinks

· Transforming The Way he Hears and the Way he Feels

· Transforming The Way he Speaks and the Way he Desires

· St. Paul Becomes Fit for Heaven


Session 11: On Earth As It Is In Heaven

· All the Way to Heaven is Heaven

· All the Way to Hell is Hell

· The Time of Judgment is Our Entire Lives as Christians

· Our Life on This Earth is The Time of Decision

· St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Call of the King

· Knowing What is Good and Doing What is Good

· The Hidden and Holy Life of Blessed Franz Jagerstatter


Session 12: My Son, Jonathan

· In Our Own Woundedness, We Become A Source Of Life For Others

· How My Son Changed Everything 

· Steps to the Healing Process

· A Seemingly Incurable Pain

· A Letter from A Father to His Son

· Power is Made Perfect in Weakness

· The Superabundant Mercy of the God of the Universe


Session 13: The Kingdom is Like Weeds Among the Wheat

· Learn to Feed Your Family Both Spiritually and Physically

· Succulent Fried Chicken Breast Over a Wedge Salad with Greens

· Learning How to Use The Weeds in The World and In Your Life

· Embrace Your Humanity - Be Humble and Authentic

· Identifying and Rooting Out the Weeds in Your Life

· Allow God to Redeem All of Your Imperfections

· Even Sin can be Transformed into Moments of Grace

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