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We meet in the Tyler Peltier Gathering Area, upstairs in Holy Trinity’s Faith Formation Building. Or online via ZOOM during CoViD Quarantining


ATN Week 21 - The Signs of the Times

· Speaker: Steve Bollman

· The Three Ideologies of Evil

· Supporting Actors to the Ideologies of Evil

· Positivism: Replacing God with Humanity

· Mistaking Technological Progress for Human Progress

· Recent Signs of the Times

· A Conflict of Visions


ATN Week 22 - The Triumph of Divine Mercy

· Speaker: Steve Bollman

· Pope John Paul II's Last Message to the World

· The Necessity of Understanding and Accepting Divine Mercy

· Trusting in Ourselves vs Trusting in God

· The Consequences of COVID-19

· Heed the Warning of Pope John Paul II

· Practical Steps to Practice Divine Mercy


ATN Week 23 - Angelic Guardians

· Speaker: Dr. Mark Miravalle

· Who Are the Angels?

· The Role of the Angels

· The Importance of Holy Hierarchy

· The Nine Choirs of Angels

· The Three Great Archangels

· Fostering a Relationship with Your Guardian Angel


ATN Week 24 - Renewed in Mercy

· Speaker: Michael Gormley

· How to Pray

· What Mercy Really Means

· Confronting the Darkness

· Man's Search for Meaning

· Presumption vs Despair

· The Economy of Salvation


ATN Week 25 - A New Day, A New Man

· Speaker: Michael Gormley

· What Kind of Man Will You Be?

· The Danger of Pride

· Friends of the World

· Idols Always Demand a Sacrifice

· Putting on the Armor of Light

· The New Heavens and the New Earth


ATN Week 26 - Avanti! The Harvest is Plentiful

· Speaker Mark Hartfiel

· Sent on Mission

· All Called to Work in the Vineyard

· Discovering Your Mission Field

· Transformation Through Small Group

· The Art of Evangelization

· Pitfalls and Best Practices of Evangelization



ATN Week 14 - Sober Intoxication of the Spirit

· Speaker: Mark Hartfiel

· The Intoxication of the Spirit

· The Virtue of Humility 

· The Condescension of God

· The Analogy of Water

· The Annunciation: Filled with Grace

· The Litany of Humility


ATN Week 15 - Our Father

· Speaker: Dr. Scott Hahn

· Elohim, Yahweh, and Father

· The Identity of God

· Contract vs Covenant

· A Bond of Love

· Fatherhood of Man as image of the Fatherhood of God

· The Love of a Father


ATN Week 16 - Silent Knight, Holy Knight

· Speaker: Dr. Scott Hahn

· The Genealogy of Jesus Through Joseph

· The Reverence VIew

· God Qualifies Those Whom He Calls 

· The Obedience of St. Joseph

· Parallels with Old Testament Joseph

· Definition of True Fatherhood


ATN Week 17 - Meet Your Spiritual Father

· Speaker: Dr. Mark Miravalle

· St. Joseph: Patron of the Universal Church

· Old Testament St. Joseph: The Patriarch

· A The Reflection of God the Father 

· Historical Errors About St. Joseph

· True Though Virginal Father of Jesus

· Joseph as Head of the Holy Family


ATN Week 18 - The Shadow of the Father

· Speaker: Dr. Mark Miravalle

· The Perfect Icon of the Father

· St. Joseph's Appearance at Fatima

· Papal Proclamation of St. Joseph

· Custodian of the Redeemer

· Devotion to St. Joseph

· Litany of St. Joseph


ATN Week 19 – First Society

· Speaker: Dr. Scott Hahn

· Back to the Beginning of Marriage.

· How to Bear the Image and Likeness of God?

· Link Between the Crisis in Faith and the Crisis in Marriage.

· We Have the Truth of Love.

· The Sacredness and Holiness of Sex.

· You Marriage as a Way to Evangelize


ATN Week 20 - The Day is Far Spent

· Speaker: Steve Bollman

· Following Pope St. John Paul II

· War, Famine, and Pestilence

· The "Masters of Suspicion"

· The Societal Effects of the "Ideologies of Evil"

· Seeing COVID-19 with Spiritual Eyes

· Cardinal Robert Sarah's Perspective on COVID-19


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